Best sexy hair for women in 2017


The ever-fashionable lob will be here to stay, but with a little more texture than years past. “The heavy lob is tired now, which indicates lots of layers are getting into play,” states Matt Fugate, a stylist in the Serge Normant at John Frieda salon in New Yor

One Length with Thick Bangs

Product hint: Hair colour seems better, more, when you use conditioner and shampoo designed for color-treated hair.


Jump the excessive heat styling. After years of blow drying and flat-ironing, girls — including red-carpet regulars like. Show off your pure beauty!


Elevate any appearance with the accessory. Clipping in a detail that is mini Mal — be it daring barrette or a quite pin — just behind your ear, can create a major impact. So easy, so chic.


Amp up your own hair having a touch of feel that is tousled and a boost in body. “On damp hair, start by working in a volumizing mousse at the origins. Afterward wriggle 2-inch sections of hair up, and fasten with pins at the roots, allowing hair to air dry. Once dry, eliminate the pins to show natural, wavy quantity,” claims Miller.

Kim Kardashian

Wet-appearing scrunched fibrils flipped casually at the crown are sure to conjure mental images of frolicking in the beach.

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Long and Thick

On long, straight cuts, blunt bangs have an awesome ’60 s vibe. This hefty forehead-skimming fringe suits thick hair (fine hair gets wispy) and makes egg-shaped faces look thinner. If you have cowlicks in the crown, prevent this trim; separation that is undesired can be caused by them . To recreate Olivia Wilde’s look, prep damp bangs blow-dry and with styling lotion having a vent brush, creating crisscross motions to eliminate your component that is natural. Finish by fast sweeping a flatiron over the hair in a arc, which helps the ends lay-flat against the forehead. “It makes the bangs appear more polished,” Garren says. If bangs begin to divide later in the day, mist a shampoo that is dry at the roots and massage bangs together with your fingertips.

Blake Lively

When hair hangs in-your-face men hate. Blake Lively’s quite, polished pony tail is one way to get it out of your way—and his.